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Why house hunting at Christmas is a good idea!

Why house hunting at Christmas is a good idea!

Why house hunting at Christmas is a good idea!

Traditional advice may tell you that the property market winds down over Christmas, but those who avoid house hunting during this time are missing out.

 The downside to looking for a new home during winter is that there are fewer properties on the market as many sellers avoid this period because they think that no one will be adding a property to their lengthy Christmas shopping lists!

The festive period is also a time when calendars are often extremely full with social events and so people are unable to spare the time to engage in the property market. At the same time, the dull British weather doesn’t show houses in their best light!

Although there are downsides to house hunting over the festive season, the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks. Houses that are available for sale over the Christmas period have often either been on the market for a while or are very new to the market. This means that sellers are likely to be eager to secure a sale, giving buyers greater control as they find themselves in a much better bargaining position. 

The cold winter months and the party season often puts people off house hunting, which means that those who do go looking for houses at this time are likely to enjoy less competition for viewing appointments. Open houses are also less likely during this time, which means buyers are able to get a more personalised viewing where they can take their time and really get a feel for their potential new home.

An extended period of time off work over the Christmas holidays also gives buyers the opportunity to look for properties online. This can provide welcome respite from an overindulgence in food and a welcome escape from overbearing relatives!

Richard Stovold, Director of Seymours Burpham notes, “I know of many people who did not intend to purchase a property over the festive period and yet they found themselves scrolling through properties online during the extra time they had off work, resulting in an offer being made and a house bought during that time!”

It’s clear that far from being the worst time of year to house-hunt, the festive period can provide a unique opportunity for finding a perfect home at a reasonable price!