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September: Your New, New Year

September: Your New, New Year

Home is a place where we define ourselves; we consciously and unconsciously shape our lives around our living spaces. Home is a crucial point of reference through which decisions can be riveted and our life-narrative can grow. Therefore, it is important that we choose the right place to make our home.

The end of the summer and the start of a brand new school term undoubtedly puts us in a particularly refreshed frame of mind to plan our next decisions. Even if you haven’t been in school for years, the psychological routine of September is firmly entrenched in our core psyche. If summer is the season to recharge, then autumn is the time to act on that new surge of energy.


Take a few minutes to assess what you want to get out of 2018. Although it may seem late in the year to be considering your goals, September is the perfect time to act before the Christmas rush, whilst the days are still light and the weather still clement. Being in the right [literal] space to realise these goals can set you on the right path for achievement.


What you want to achieve for your work, relationships and spare time are often set by where and how you live. “Home is where the heart is” is such a well-worn phrase, but it serves to show us that the home exists just as much in your emotional being as in your physical world.