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Reasons to move in September

Reasons to move in September

Many people postpone moving house over the summer months due to holidays and other commitments. However, with plenty of time to prepare and gather their thoughts about moving, September results in a flood of new properties on the market.


We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons to move this September:


  1. A fresh start.
    Although not the start of the year, September is a month for new beginnings. Summer is over and as nature prepares to sleep, this is a perfect time to start implementing your move.

  2. Winter is coming.
    As much as we don’t want to admit it, the thought of Christmas is nearing the forefront of our minds. September is a hugely popular time to move house so people can be settled in and enjoying their new home by Christmas time. For some, the idea of entertaining the family in a new home leads to a surge of potential buyers and sellers. For this reason, there is a chance sellers might accept offers more readily as the Christmas deadline approaches.

  3. The kids have gone back to school.
    The chaos of the summer holidays has ended and school term time is underway. House viewings are much easier to manage with a tidier home and many buyers tend to wait until their kids are back in school to view houses.

  4. Autumn cozy.
    As the temperature drops and the leaves change color, a warm and cozy interior can be appealing to many buyers. We recommend lighting the fire and making your house look snug to show off your home at its cosiest.


  1. Better moving conditions.
    Make the most of the longer and warmer days in September before the winter hits, so that moving is an easier task. Moreover, removal services are often cheaper after the summer holidays, so take advantage of this time of the year.