Guidance Notes for Tenants


1. All tenancies are subject to contract and to satisfactory references being received by us and approved by the Landlord (our client). Please note this will include a credit check.

2. If you wish to proceed with the property you will be required to pay the Tenancy Agreement and Referencing Fees upfront. The property will stay on the market until these fees have been paid. Please note that these fee are non refundable should you withdraw your offer of rental, or if you fail the referencing process.



These fees are as follows:

a) Tenancy Agreement fee of £150.00 (plus VAT) or up to £250.00 (plus VAT) for a

b) Reference fee of £150.00 (plus VAT) for a single reference and £120.00 (inc VAT) for each additional reference.

c) If a guarantor is required as part of the referencing process, you will be subject to additional £170.00 (plus VAT) for the referencing of the Guarantor and the Guarantor

Seymours can only proceed with processing your application once the administration fees are paid in full.


Prior to move-in you will be required to provide the first month’s rental (payable in advance) and the deposit (equal to 6 weeks rent) in cleared funds i.e. BACs payment or Bankers Draft. For tenancies in Let Only properties we will also require the second months’ rent to be paid to us by cheque/bankers draft or cash at the appropriate date or upfront if viable for you. Further costs that may also apply are as follows:





c) Tenancy Extension fee of £95.00 (plus VAT). This is due each time the tenancy is expended beyond the initial term.

d) In the event that you require us to provide you or a third party with a reference during or after your tenancy, the fee will be £35.00 (plus VAT.)

e) Inventory check-out fee of between £115.00 - £260.00 (plus VAT), depending on thesize of the property and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Please be advised that Seymours apply a small admin charge which is included in the Inventory company’s charges.


3. Initial costs, as outlined above, are required from the tenant prior to the commencement of the tenancy and must be made by banker’s draft, building society cheque or direct bank transaction (i.e. BACS or CHAPS payment) or we can accept card payments with a debit card only in the office or over the phone. Personal cheques will only be accepted under the discretion of Seymours Lettings. An itemized invoice will be issued to you once satisfactory references have been obtained.



4. Service accounts i.e. council tax, gas, electricity, telephone and water, are the direct responsibility of the tenant until the end of the tenancy. In most cases Seymours will inform the council and utility companies of your tenancy and any relevant meter readings we may have however, we recommend that you contact these companies directly once you have moved in. Seymours cannot be held responsible where utilities have not been transferred at either the beginning or the end of a tenancy. You must also ensure that you close all relevant accounts at the end of your tenancy and arrange for payment of final bills. If at any time you change the suppliers of the Utilities Seymours must be notified immediately and failure to inform us may result in a financial penalty at the end of the tenancy to re-instate the original suppliers.









5. The Tenancy Agreement signed by the landlord and the tenant is binding upon bothparties and it is not possible to terminate the tenancy before its expiry unless a mutualextended beyond the initial term.

or after your tenancy, the fee will be £35.00 (plus VAT). agreement is made between the parties. The tenant may be liable for any costs that the Landlord or Seymours incur.



6. All signatories to the Tenancy Agreement are jointly and severally liable for payment ofrent and all other matters relating to the tenancy. In a sharing situation, if one of thetenants leaves the property, the remaining tenants are responsible for payment of therent in full.



7. The standing order for the rent will be prepared for you by Seymours and must be signedat the same time as the Tenancy Agreement. Under the terms of the TenancyAgreement, Seymours are obliged to demand rent and tenants are to ensure thatpayments are made from their own account on the due date. Rent must be received as asingle payment from ONE account.

8. Tenants should ensure that arrangements are made for post to be forwarded when theyleave the property, as Seymours cannot accept responsibility for doing this.

9. Installed in the property are smoke detectors and where required Carbon Monoxidedetectors. During your tenancy it will your responsibility to change any batteries as andwhen necessary and to notify your letting agent/landlord should you have any issues withany of the detectors.

10. Tenants are advised that they will need to provide proof of their right to rent under the immigration act 2016.