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What's next now my home is on the market?

What's next now my home is on the market?

Most people dedicate a great deal of time to choosing their perfect estate agent, but easily lose momentum and focus once their house is on the market. The Guild of Property Professionals has put together this handy list of top tips to keep your house sale on track:

1.       Set clear viewing times

Talk to the agent and make sure they have easy access to the property for viewings. If there are any times you think viewings would not be appropriate, make sure to clearly communicate this to your agent.

2.       Be ready for questions

We always encourage our buyers to ask as many questions as possible. If you are having people look around your home make sure you answer their questions openly and honestly – providing information upfront can be the difference between a lengthy, drawn out sales process and a quick exchange.

3.       Tidy at all times

There’s never a more important time to stay on top of cleanliness in your home than when potential buyers may be coming round at short notice. Taking the time to do the washing up promptly and routinely run the hover around will be worth it if the perfect buyer is the one who gives the least notice!

4.       Prepare for viewings

Create a checklist of key things to do before a viewing; make a note to turn up the heating and clear corridors of clutter. Staying organised will save stress and time.

5.       Decide on the offer you would accept

This will speed up the process. Setting a figure you will accept allows you to happily close the sale when the right offer comes in.

6.       Listen to feedback

Ensure to ask for feedback from your estate agent after a viewing. Estate agents are experienced in recognising the finer touches that can make a home appear warm and welcoming. Feedback both positive and negative can help you gradually improve the feel of your home throughout the viewing process.

7.        Talk to your agent

Last but not least, always talk to your agent. Asking for advice and feedback will help give your home the best chance of selling when the viewings and offers come in.

You can find the full article on The Guild of Property Professionals’ website here.