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Before selling your home, most people try to spruce up their property by decluttering and doing a thorough clean. But many people forget the area that gives a first impression is the garden.


Here are some of The Guild Property Professional’s easy tips to follow to make your garden add value to your property.


1. Spruce up the space 


Just like inside your home, some decluttering and garden maintenance can add value to your property. Always start with tidying and key maintenance. 


Depending on their situation, buyers could see the garden as entertaining space, a hobby, the place where their children will play, space for their pets, a source of food or a combination of any or all of these, so it is crucial that sellers place as much importance on the presentation of the garden as they would on the presentation of the house.


2. Add some seasonal colour 


When showing your home, you want the buyers to visualise living there, so have pot plants filled with flowers to give it some colour and the lawn mowed to make it look tidy.


3. Focus on what is seen first 


Start where your potential buyer will start and focus on this area. Never forget kerb appeal, and, more relevant in the online age, photo appeal. The first impression really does count, so always start with the front garden.


4. Add a key selling point 


A well-maintained garden will make sure a buyer is not put off your property, but something more can make them want to buy your property above any others they have seen. 

A nice summer house is a garden goal for many people. Don’t forget the impact that a child’s opinion may have on the decision makers. Buyers may love the idea of a summerhouse or man cave, and of course children will be drawn to tree houses or play areas.


5. Add some shed-quarters 


Sheds are not only practical, but they are coming back into fashion. They can be used from anything as a useful place to store bikes and lawnmowers to a garden retreat. 



6. A little paint goes a long way 


If you’re looking to spend less to add value to your property, don’t underestimate the impact of a good coat of paint on fences, sheds and other wood in the garden. 


7. Think about the patio 


We recommend investing in good quality patio, paving or decking. Having a professional job done will enhance the overall appearance of your outside space. Adding some good lighting outside will also enable people to make the most of the garden on those long summer nights.


8. Style your garden with furniture 


Ensure that the lawns are cut or the terrace is swept and ideally have the garden furniture set up so buyers can imagine themselves sitting out enjoying an al fresco evening.


9. Secure the garden 


If the people viewing the house have pets, they will want to see a garden that is fully secured to avoid an escaped dog. People like to feel secure in their gardens so that they can relax. Hedges and fences make the garden more appealing to those with young children and pets.


10. Make it private 


If your home is overlooked by other homes or gardens, it’s a good idea to give the idea of privacy to the garden. If it isn’t too expensive, add hedges or trees in key spots.


At Seymours, our friendly team of property professionals are on hand to help you find your dream home. Contact us or visit one of our local branches to discuss your property needs.


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