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Tips to Sell and Move in Before Christmas

Tips to Sell and Move in Before Christmas

Buying a property can be complicated, and so getting it right is pivotal to speeding up the process. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or an experienced home owner, the Guild agents are here to help. They have collected some tips to help you sell and move in before the holidays.


1. Preparation


Preparation is always key when it comes to selling your home. The busiest week of the year on the internet is Christmas time as the vast majority of people are off work. Also, having all your paperwork relating to your property prepared in advance will help speed the process up.


2. Is the price right?


It may seem obvious, but ensuring your property is priced correctly and competitively will save you a lot of time in the long-run. It is often overlooked by many and is one of the primary reasons for a slow-moving property.


3. Make sure agents have immediate access


When conducting viewings, it is imperative that your home is accessible for the agent to arrange these appointments. You never know who might want to view your home last minute, or when you are unavailable to the agent.


4. Present your property properly


To ensure you’re in your new home by the end of the year, have a good de-clutter. Clear out any stuff you’re not proposing to take with you when you move.


5. Have an efficient solicitor


The more efficient your solicitor is, the quicker you can get things moving. There’s nothing worse than waiting weeks for paperwork, or lack of communication. You could save a lot of time once an offer has been accepted if you are organised.


6. Sort out your mortgage provider


Your estate agent can put you in touch with the right mortgage provider, or you can do the research yourself to find the best for you. Your mortgage provider will talk you through the steps of getting a loan and calculating how much you can afford for your property. 


Here at Seymours, our friendly team of property professionals are on hand to help you sell and move in to your dream home before Christmas. Contact us or visit one of our local branches to discuss your property needs.


To read the full article, and view the video please visit Guild property.