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The vital moves that could help you get your child into their first-choice secondary school

The vital moves that could help you get your child into their first-choice secondary school

After secondary school places across England and Wales were announced recently, many children and their parents were left disappointed.

Surrey has some of the best schools in the country, with both state and independent schools topping the league tables. However, like anywhere, there are also schools that are not so good.

Getting your child into the school of your choice can be a minefield so, as the admission competition continues to hot up, here are some tips on how to increase your child’s chances so you don’t miss out. 

Check the admissions criteria: This can usually be found on the school website and local authority’s website. Remember that many schools do not have a catchment but use distance as a criteria and, if you do not fall within that distance for the year you are applying, your child will have little chance of getting a place. 

Think ahead: It’s quite common for parents to move close to a school well in advance of their children requiring a place a said school. In areas where primary schools feed into secondary schools, it’s not ridiculous to be thinking about where you should be living when your children are still in nappies.

Pick more than one school. Most local authorities ask for a list of three or four schools in order of preference. Schools don’t know what place they are on your list but you will only be sent an offer from the highest listed school that your child qualifies.

Supply the right documentation. Read carefully what is required with your submission. Some schools require a supplementary information form, which may have a different deadline to the application which goes to the local authority. Failing to supply the right information on time could jeopardise your chances.

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