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The Benefits of Saying Thank You

The Benefits of Saying Thank You

We are taught to say thank you early on in life, as part of our cultural code of conduct. Good manners are based not only on culture but also on common sense and courtesy. ‘Thank you’ is just a simple, easy phrase, but it can set in motion a wave of positivity that can sweep happily across someone’s day or week, creating a ripple effect.


Saying thank you not only gives the person who you have said those words to a positive boost, but it does the same for you. A simple thank you can make you feel more content. The more gratitude can be spread naturally through your everyday life, the happier you will become.


This month we are making a huge public display of thanks that we hope will spread across Surrey in a huge, positive movement of appreciation. As well as everyone getting involved, saying thank you to mums, dads, their smiley barista and even the chap who cleans the streets early in the mornings, will ultimately result in a chosen charity getting a massive thank you from us at Seymours; we will be pledging £2,000. So go on, brighten up someone’s day – and your own – and say thank you.