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The Surrey housing market is well known for the popularity of its large family homes. Attracted by the excellent schools in the area and desire to relocate from smaller properties in the capital, many families flock to the area each month. As a result the market for family homes in Surrey continues to thrive.

Yet at Seymours, our knowledge of the area extends beyond the family market. We also have extensive knowledge of smaller properties of interest to those looking to downsize, as well as an understanding of what is involved for those looking to move from the family home to something more suitable.

Understandably it's a big decision, particularly for anyone who has seen their children grow up in the family home. Packing up and moving to a smaller property can be a difficult choice to make, but there are many benefits in doing so.

Smaller properties are more manageable, there’s less housework to do, gardens are easier to maintain and, if you’re used to living in a larger, older home, you’ll find heating costs and the cost of the general upkeep a lot lower too.

There’s also the opportunity, when choosing your new property, to move to a new location that suits you better, be that nearer family and friends, or offering more convenient access to local amenities.

Seymours has detailed knowledge of West Surrey so can talk you through your options based on what you’re ideally looking for, whether it’s the smaller villages of Horsell and Knaphill or the larger towns of Woking and Guildford.

In many ways it’s like making a fresh start, and downsizing to a smaller property can also help release the funds to help you do this. With the costs of a typical four-bedroom house in Surrey standing at £814,620 according to, downsizing to a two-bedroom house priced around £363,000 could release over £450,000 in funds.

Stewart Palmer, Director at Seymours in Godalming, comments: “Many people associate smaller two bedroom properties with starter homes for first time buyers, but in fact they provide the perfect accommodation for those looking to downsize.

“We’re also finding that many families like the peace of mind that comes with a smaller home and smaller mortgage, particularly if they have expensive school and university fees to pay. The fact that we offer a range of properties for sale means that there are various options available to those looking to downsize, for whatever reason.”

To find out more about downsizing and to discuss your options, call into one of our 15 local branches across West Surrey.