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Stress reducing tips for moving with your pet

Stress reducing tips for moving with your pet



Moving house can be just as stressful an experience for your pet as it is for you! The

dismantling of familiar spaces and objects, unfamiliar people wandering around the house

and your general stress levels during the move can all have an impact upon your pet’s

wellbeing. There are however steps that you can take to minimise your pet’s stress.


Here are our top tips for keeping your pet happy during your relocation:


• It is often best to leave your pet in a cattery, kennel or at another family member’s

house that they know. This can ensure that they are not panicked by the moving

process and they can get acquainted with your new home once you have had a chance

to settle in.


• If you aren’t able to provide your pet with another place to stay, then make sure that on

moving day you keep them in a quieter room in your house where they can remain right

up until you leave. By packing this room up last, you will minimise the time your pet has

to cope with the transition period.


• Let your removal team know which room your pet is in and make sure to leave your pet

with food, water and their favourite toys and bedding for reassurance. It is best to

assign someone to check on your pet at regular intervals during the day.


• If you are using a carrier to move your pet, place one of their toys or their comforter in

with them. This will help to keep them calm by giving them the same smells of home

that they are used to.


• When you arrive at your new home, assign one room for your pet to become familiar

with first so that they are not overwhelmed. You can then gradually open up the rest of

the house to them. If you have transported your furry friend in a crate, leave the crate

on the floor with the door open and let them venture out in their own time. The open

carrier will also provide a safe, dark space for them to return to if they get scared at any



• If you have a new garden, ensure that the space is securely enclosed and accompany

your pet when they first investigate it so that they will feel confident to explore without

risk of them escaping and becoming disorientated.


• Remember to update the address details on your pet’s microchip, and register them at

the local vet if you have moved into a new area.


Following these techniques will help to keep your pet happy so that they can enjoy settling

into their new home!


At Seymours, we understand that keeping an eye on the finer details can help your

move to be an overall success. Contact us today or pop into one of our branches to

discuss your property needs.