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Schoolchildren at Tillingbourne Junior School have unveiled a piece of art, which was created by Year 6 pupils and funded by the £1,000 first prize donated by Seymours Independent Estate agents after Freya Treeby-Goodall, a year 6 pupil, won the estate agent’s Christmas Card design competition.

The mosaic, which is based on an amalgamation of designs by Year 6 pupils, was created in partnership with The Mosaic Studio, headed up by renowned British mosaic artist and award-winning designer Paul Siggins.

Guided by Paul and his assistant, 15 year 6 pupils, including Freya, took a day to complete the mosaic.

Paul Rickard, Director at Seymours in Guildford, comments: “There are a thousand and one things that the school could have spent the money on, however this is something that will last forever and be enjoyed by pupils, teachers and visitors of today as well as those of the future. We’re delighted that Freya’s creative flair continues to be showcased in the school and we’d like to congratulate the team of young artists who contributed to creating such a wonderful piece of art.”

Freya, who was selected from hundreds of entrants and announced as the winner in January, scooped the top prize after submitting a hand-drawn design depicting Father Christmas on the hunt for a new property with Seymours.

On creating the mosaic she adds: “I really enjoyed creating the mosaic and it was good to share the experience with my friends this time. I like the idea that we’ve created something that will always be there, even when I’m grown up, and it was great fun to make, too.”

The mosaic, which is over a metre in diameter and made up of over 1,000 pieces of vibrantly coloured, hand cut glass tesserae, has been installed as a colourful and joyful welcome at the front entrance to the main building for everyone to see and enjoy.

Charlotte Gummer, Head of English at Tillingbourne Junior School and who co-created the project with Freya, says: “After discussions with Freya about how the £1,000 was used it was quite clear that she was excited about the prospect of using the proceeds from her creativity to go to something equally as creative. Having looked at a number of options Paul Siggins of The Mosaic Studio provided the perfect blend of creativity and longevity. The outcome is something that all the pupils and teachers at Tillingbourne School can be proud of and will enjoy for many years to come.”

Paul Siggins concludes “It’s lovely to share our passion for mosaics – The Mosaic Studio brings an experience to school children which is unique and memorable.  My team and I never tire of the sense of reward children get from creating a beautiful artwork which will last for generations.”