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The summer season is upon us – and typically speaking, summer is a time for holidaying, gardening and kicking back in the evenings with a BBQ and glass of wine.

However when it comes to selling your property time is of the essence, particularly for those looking to ‘upsize’, with continued growth expected throughout 2015. In the UK, the average house price increased 5.6 per cent annually and 1.4 per cent on a monthly basis in May making the average UK house worth £212,495.

Of course this is a UK average and £212,495 is more likely to represent a 1-bedroom property in Surrey as opposed to a family home, particularly across the areas in which a Seymours office is situated, however we’re advising those who have decided to move on to pastures new and who are on the cusp of instructing an estate agent to act quickly and use this summer period to beat the inevitable autumn property rush – and here’s why.

1. Summer and autumn are worlds apart

Well, technically speaking they’re only three months apart however just as summer is one of the property market’s slowest periods, autumn is one of its busiest. On that basis, we’re encouraging homeowners to use summer as a time in which to steal the march on homeowners who will no doubt be knocking on the doors of estate agents across Surrey as we enter October. Simply put, get in early and reap the rewards.

2. Seasons aside, property values will continue to rise

Just as we can’t stop the change in seasons, it would seem that we can’t stop the rise in property values. So, regardless of whether you use the seasons to ‘beat the market’ or not, property values will continue to rise. As a result Seymours is advising those who are using summer to put off putting their property on the market to think again.

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