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How to spruce up your home this Spring

How to spruce up your home this Spring

Let’s face it, given the current global uncertainty we all have to admit that we’re going to be spending quite a lot of time at home. Yes, there are many negatives to this situation, but also, it’s essential to look for the positives. There is now no excuse not to undertake a thorough Spring cleaning! It will work wonders for your mind, your body and ultimately, your home. 


Take your time and focus on the following areas. Taking care of your home not only increases its value but is excellent for the current inhabitants’ mental wellbeing. 


Give it a scrub down:


Spring calls for that age-old tradition of the deep cleanse. Take out the mop and duster, pull on the Marigolds, and scrub your home from top to bottom. Take care not to miss those little nooks and corners that usually avoid your attention. Those cobwebs that you pretend not to notice, and hope others won’t, need to go. Making sure your house is presentable gives it the best chance to impress a buyer and we’re sure you’ll also impress yourself.


A fresh lick of paint won’t hurt:


Get the whole family involved with a new paint job. You might not want to make any massive changes (new owners may not agree with you that vivid pink is a good choice for the bathroom) however you can cover up the chipped door frames, bannisters and windows. Remember that paint tends to get everywhere (even more so with kids involved), so be sure to put down suitable protection for your carpets and furniture. 


Get that garden blooming:


Not only is a breath of fresh air great for your health but a lively, cared for garden, can be a significant selling point to prospective buyers. Home-grown flowers can provide you with the perfect decor for indoors and are sure to bring a smile to visitors while keeping rooms smelling fresh. Get dad on the lawnmower and let the kids do the weeding and your garden will be at Wisley standards in no time. You may want to get that paint out again to freshen up the garden fence, or perhaps you prefer that rustic feel?


Don’t go over the top:


It’s your home, for now, so make sure it retains some personality. Don’t be afraid to keep that human touch. Everyone has their own plans for their home, and new homeowners are always keen to add their personal touch as they settle in. You don’t want a totally blank canvas, but you do want to leave some room for customisation. 


There are so many great resources online so look to sites like Pinterest or Tumblr for some inspiration, and if you’re looking to start selling then get in touch and see what Seymours can do for you.