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How to Sell Your Home This Autumn – Five Tips for Selling Your Property

How to Sell Your Home This Autumn – Five Tips for Selling Your Property

How to Sell Your Home This Autumn – Five Tips for Selling Your Property 

September has come to an end and we’re all busy returning to normality after a beautifully hot summer. As the temperature drops, many of us will be spending most of our day dreaming about being curled up on the sofa, in a warm woolly jumper or under a duvet, with a warm drink. You would assume that after a busy summer and with the kids back at school the market would be slow. Surprisingly though, Autumn is a very popular time for selling a property. The market is active with buyers and sellers hoping to find their dream home before Christmas.

During the Summer buyers tend to look for houses marketed in a way that conjures up images of sitting out in the garden and enjoying a barbeque. During the Autumn, buyers are looking for a cosy lounge, with comfy cushions, luxurious bed throws and somewhere to warm their feet by the fire. Who doesn’t want comfort when it's cold, right?

We work with expert photographers to ensure we showcase the best features of your house, knowing what your buyers are looking for at the time of year you choose to sell.

There are, however, a few things you can do to help your property sell faster and at a higher price during the Autumn months. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing – we’ve compiled 5 tips for selling your home in the Autumn.

1.        Clear the leaves!

A few leaves in the garden can look stunning, however, make sure the garden isn’t full of wet, sodden, muddy leaves, as this may put some buyers off. Clean the gutters out, trim and pull out any dead plants, clear the street in front of your house, washing away any mud and leaves. First impressions count!

2.        Arrange your viewings before it gets dark!

With fewer hours of daylight, try and ensure your viewings are arranged earlier in the day to make use of the warm, natural light. The daylight will better present the grandeur of your property. If you can’t arrange your viewing early, make sure to follow step 3.  


3.        Turn all the lights on, replacing any blown bulbs.

Remember to turn on the smaller lights such as the lights above the cooker. These small lights can accentuate the kitchen making it more attractive to a buyer.


4.        Make your house feel warm and cosy

If you haven’t done already – stick the heating on. Get some luxurious throws and blankets and some cushions in autumnal tones such as terracotta and chocolates. Appeal to your buyers sense of smell and light some scented candles, placing them on your coffee tables or mantelpiece and we can guarantee your potential buyers will no doubt picture themselves in your living room!


5.        Pick an Expert Local Agent

Last but not least, make sure you pick the right estate agent to sell your home. An expert in your local area will be able to answer any questions that a potential buyer has - it’s the little things that help give buyers the confidence to make a decision. Get a few offers from a few buyers, and you could sell your house above asking price!


We have a team of expert valuers in your local area. Get in contact with us for a chat, and if you’re curious, we can come and value your property for free.