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How to pack for moving

How to pack for moving

Moving house can be tricky; with so many things to coordinate it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It’s our aim to make this process as smooth as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of top tips from our customers to help make your move-day go as smooth as possible.

Make sure you have plenty of packaging supplies. This should include boxes of all sizes, bubble-wrap and old newspaper. Marker pens and tape are also extremely useful – just remember to not accidentally pack them away!

Moving house is a great opportunity to clear out the inevitable clutter accumulated in your home. If you’ve got friends helping you move, why not see if there’s anything they want? Alternatively, find your local charity shop and see what can be donated.

Pack early
Packing takes far longer than most people expect – the earlier you start, the more relaxed your move day will be. Start with the rooms least needed and think about the time of year you are moving. If it’s the height of summer then those winter coats and duvets can be packed away early, and what about those boxes of Christmas decoration?

Have a box of essentials
Designate a box of essentials - label this clearly and attach a list of contents to the side. Ensuring the small important items, such as passports, are safe and accounted for can be a great stress-saver in the final days!

Dealing with hazardous materials
Don’t leave the disposal of hazardous materials until the last minute – you’d be surprised what can be accumulated in garages and garden sheds over the years. Old tins of paint, cleaning materials and fluorescent lighting may seem like common items, however many removal companies will not transport them. It’s important to contact your removal company well ahead of time to find out their policy, should you need to dispose of anything just contact your local council - many have collection services for hazardous materials.

Label your boxes
An often overlooked yet simple time-saver for unpacking is to clearly label your boxes. We recommend writing on the boxes themselves as paper labels attached to boxes can easily become unstuck during a move. Some clients even use colour coded tape to denote boxes for specific rooms, or those containing a specific type of item.
We are sure you’re old house will hold many wonderful memories, so whilst staying organised and efficient is important, the best piece of advice we can give is to take your time. You never know what old souvenirs you will come across.