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How to make the most of your hallway

How to make the most of your hallway
The entrance to your home speaks volumes about you – it’s the first room people see when they step into your property, yet it is often overlooked. First impressions can make a real impact so, whether it’s a small space that needs brightening up or an imposing entrance that is becoming wasted space, take some time to give your hall a bit of TLC. Here are our top suggestions to make the most of your hallway.

Hallways can end up a bit of a dumping ground. It’s the first room you enter when arriving home and often where coats, shoes, bags and keys get dumped and forgotten about until it’s time to leave the house again. To avoid the room descending into chaos, make sure there is a space for everything; a rack or hooks for bags and coats, baskets or storage for shoes and a tray for your keys. 

Maximise lighting
Go big with lighting. Not only does lighting a space always make it feel much bigger but also warmer and more inviting. Statement chandeliers look great in larger spaces but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a feature of your hallway lighting if it’s a smaller space – filament bulbs with copper fixtures, a stylish free-standing lamp or floor lanterns can all add a bit of extra interest to your hallway, whatever its size. 

Use mirrors
Not only is it a great idea to have a mirror in the hallway for last minute checks before you leave the house (nobody wants to step into a meeting with toothpaste down their chin), mirrors are also great for adding light and the illusion of space into your hallway. 

Use light colours
Entering into a dark space doesn’t provide the nicest of welcomes so to make your hallway as bright and inviting as possible, stick to lighter colours on the walls and ceilings. You can always jazz things up with art work or feature lighting but keep a blank canvass underneath. 

Add in a conversation starter
A light-coloured wall is the perfect backdrop for a statement piece of art, something that never fails to start a conversation. Finding a beautiful painting with personal meaning or displaying a souvenir from your travels or a fun photo of you and the family will not only give you endless joy but show off your personality to visitors – a real ice breaker. 

Don’t waste the space
Hallways are often not the easiest spaces to furnish but by thinking outside of the box you can really make the best of the space. You could create a study area under the stairs, make a feature of your bike by hanging it on the wall or position a comfy armchair and footstool to provide another space to sit and relax.