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How to Keep Calm When Moving

How to Keep Calm When Moving

Sometimes packing up and moving can seem very over-whelming - however, well-planned your move is, stress can still easily arise. Here are some tips to from the Guild of Property Professionals to help get your mind in the right place. 

Make a list

There will be many things that will stress you out when moving, but there are some things which might take you by surprise. You know yourself better than anyone, so if you know that a muddled sock drawer is one of your trigger points be prepared for it! A list is a good way to do this - it can act as an anti-stress to-do list as well as keep you organised. 

Relaxing activities 
We are all different and how we decompress varies greatly. Trying some simple yoga moves can help you to centre yourself and shut out your environment. If you are a beginner, be careful since the last thing you need is to pull a muscle and render you out of action. Similarly, meditation can be a good way to reframe your thoughts. 

For others, the sense of calm after a workout is the ultimate release; exert your energy on something else for a while like running or walking and experience the power of endorphins.


Think positive
Negativity can be overwhelming - don’t forget to laugh! If the books fall out the bottom of the box, laugh; they can be repacked. Some of the tensest moments of our life’s often turn out to be the most lovingly reminisced so give yourself chance to enjoy the moment - you won’t move out of this house again. 

Get some space 
Feeling stressed can be quite claustrophobic. Get some distance from your anxiety by removing yourself from the situation for a moment. If you are tight for time, try shutting yourself in a quiet room (preferably one which isn’t caught in the mid-packing chaos) or stepping outside for some fresh air. Otherwise, a trip out for a cup of coffee might be just the answer.


Breathing exercises can really take the edge off intense moments. Try taking a couple of deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. With a nice, steady pace try this for three to five minutes to give yourself chance to feel the benefit. Again, it may be wise to try and find a quiet spot, away from children and removal men to get the maximum benefit from this. 

A good nights' sleep 
It isn’t possible to underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Feeling tired will only heighten your stress levels. Turn the TV off (if you haven’t packed it!), shut off the laptop and make the space as calming as possible. Consider keeping the bedroom box free so that you aren’t constantly reminded of your state of limbo. 


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