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Guild Market Comment - January/February 2019

Guild Market Comment - January/February 2019

Richard Stovold, director at Seymours Estate Agents, says sellers should act fast to make the most of the imminent post-Brexit spring market.

With a matter of just a few weeks until the Brexit deadline on March 29, savvy owners thinking of making a move in 2019 should start preparing for buyers emerging from the woodwork in time for the spring market.


But apart from a thorough spring clean and sprucing up a property with bunches of flowers and a freshly mown lawn, what else can vendors do to ensure their home stands out from the crowd?


For starters, it doesn’t just need to look tidy, it needs to look immaculate – think Marie Kondo standard. The second-hand market’s biggest competition is the new homes market, where expertly interior designed show homes often help seal the deal. It’s not just a home you are selling but a lifestyle – buyers not only need to be able to envisage themselves living there but also be given an idea of what their life could be like in the future if they moved in. This includes staging that third box-room-turned-dumping-ground as a perfectly-styled home office or even investing in applying for planning permission for a loft or a rear extension to your homes just before putting it on the market. The knowledge that the property could be enlarged in some way, without having to battle through red tape can be a big incentive to buyers.


Doing up a home in order to sell it can be cash intensive and time-consuming so only serious renovations should be carried out if you are convinced you will make a profit from them. However, there are plenty of small things you can do to improve the look and feel of a property. Paint any potentially offensive-coloured walls neutral, replace heavy curtains with wooden shutters or simple fabric blinds and invest in some good lighting to highlight impressive features and divert attention away from the not-so-impressive ones.


My last tip is for sellers to communicate with their agent. Estate agents want you to sell your property as much as you do and for the right price. Make sure the agent knows every inch of your property and tell them what you have enjoyed about living there so he or she can highlight those characteristics to potential buyers.