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Having spent my school days in Guildford before marrying, settling and having children in this wonderful area, I am, without a shadow of a doubt, very much a Guildford person.


And what’s not to like? Surrounded by the beauty of the Surrey Hills (the Chantries and St Martha’s to name but two), a growing cosmopolitan town centre and quick access to London, Guildford and the surrounding villages, in my view at least, represent the jewels of the Surrey crown.


Which is why I was delighted – if not surprised – to learn that Guildford and Shamley Green, two areas catered for by the Guildford office of Seymours, featured in the top 10 most expensive properties sold in August, according to


In fact Guildford topped the list following the sale of a lovely property in the stunning Warwicks Bench area, which reached £3,050,000. That is no mean feat however it is indicative that Guildford is rapidly becoming an increasingly sought after area. Similarly, Little Cucknells, an outstanding property in Shamley Green, fetched £2,290,000 making Shamley Green what is likely to be one of the most expensive villages in Surrey.


So, what does this mean for Guildford’s property prices? In fact, what does it mean for Surrey property prices given the fact that the average property price within the county is £374,924?


It means that homeowners looking to move up the property ladder over the next 12 months should do so sooner rather than later. After all, whilst your property value is going up in increments each month, so is the more expensive one that you may end up buying; and the difference that could make in monetary value could be quite significant.


The good news is that mortgage rates are currently very competitive and Seymours in Guildford has access to a wide portfolio of properties ranging from one-bedroom apartments to country homes. And as we’re still in that ‘pre-Christmas move’ window, I would advise those who would ideally like to make a move this side of 2015 to get the ball rolling by the end of October.



Do you live in Guildford and the surrounding villages? Or are you thinking of moving to the area? To arrange a FREE, no obligation valuation of your property, contact Paul and his team on 01483 576833 or email