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Digital House Viewings: Preparing To Present Your Property Virtually

Digital House Viewings: Preparing To Present Your Property Virtually

If you’d planned on putting your house on the market but held off due to the lockdown or have decided since lockdown you’d like to make a move, then now is the perfect time to put your property on the market. We are going to explore why you should be on the market and how you can prepare for a new style of house viewing.

Has lockdown not stopped the market?

Although lockdown and social distancing has had an impact on how property valuations and viewings are being conducted, like most of the country, the industry has adapted to provide digital alternatives. This is down to the fact that so many people are spending more time online than ever before, giving the perfect opportunity to showcase a property and gain exposure to potential buyers. 

What is needed to do digital house viewings?

Simply drop your local Seymours branch a call to discuss the possibility of putting your house on the market through a video valuation and the process of offering digital viewings. A branch member will be able to run through what approach suits you best, whether that’s a video with you presenting, a silent video where we narrate, or as a group video call with a member of the team talking to a potential buyer as you tour the property. We will also be able to discuss the technology you’ll need to do this, or once out of lockdown, arrange for a single person, to safely and within guidelines, to take photography and video, reducing the need for physical house viewings. 

Is there any special preparation needed?

As with your typical house viewing, preparation is key. A good impression is a lasting impression, so we suggest starting and ending your tour with the best features of your house, which is something we can discuss beforehand. Make sure your house is tidy, with as little clutter as possible, removing mess or anything that may be sensitive or valuable so as not to be seen on camera. Practice your tour, make sure you’ve got a route planned and do a few runs to help reduce any nerves or check if you feel any rooms have been missed or aren’t needed.

What can I do to maximise the property’s presentation? 

To maximise your property's appeal we have a few tips and tricks to make the tour the best it can possibly be. When filming, make sure you open all curtains and blinds and turn on the lights to make the rooms as light as possible. Darkness in rooms is negative and can make the room feel small. Try to limit the amount of background noise, you don’t want any distractions on the tours as the focus should be on the property. When filming, try to keep the camera as steady as possible, filming in landscape at chest-height, standing in one corner of the room and slowly panning from one corner to the other.

As always it’s important if you’re looking to buy property, that you get all the advice you need and feel comfortable before taking the next steps. If you need any more information or are ready to begin taking the next steps and want some guidance on where to start, get in touch with your local Seymours today.