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Are you ready for your next move? Or maybe you’re a landlord who’s looking for someone to manage your property (or portfolio of properties)? Regardless of your requirements, one thing’s for sure – you need an estate agent that you can trust and that will deliver what they’ve promised.

Before you make that crucial decision we’ve provided a few essential tips that you should consider when selecting your next property partner.

1.   A good estate agent is a good property marketer

The days of solely marketing properties in newspapers and property supplements are over. Of course, the newspaper is still an effective medium however there are so many more options available to estate agents in the form or digital marketing, social media and bespoke property films. Before signing on the line, make sure that your agent is up to speed with the latest techniques and that they are committed to selling your property using every possible channel. As the winner of the Award for Best Marketing & Presentation for two years in a row at the prestigious Surrey Property Awards, we know a thing or two about effectively marketing our clients’ properties – just make sure whoever you choose is up to speed, too.

2.   Knowledge is power 

Well, maybe that’s over-egging the pudding however local knowledge is an essential component of any property marketing strategy and one that will underpin a property’s marketed value – and ultimately attract prospective buyers. If you’ve shortlisted a selection of estate agents then make sure that they a) have experience of the area in which your property is situated b) fully understand the local property market at any given time, and c) have a high-profile in your area. With 15 offices located throughout Surrey and over 23 years’ experience of helping homeowners throughout the county, we know our areas inside out.

3.   Is service included?

Nobody likes hidden charges, particularly when those charges relate to the service you’ve engaged your agent to provide! Before officially instructing your agent, make sure that any potential hidden charges are made clear from the outset. For example, make sure that ALL marketing costs undertaken on your behalf are part of the fee and not supplementary.

4.   Qualify your agent’s qualifications

The good news is that the general public is becoming savvier when it comes to what constitutes a good estate agent. Not only that but reputable estate agents are focussed on meeting high standards and open to regulation by professional bodies. However there are, unfortunately, a number of agents that still operate without regulation and without adhering to best practice. This is easy to establish. Simply ask for their qualifications upfront or whether or not the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), the Guild of Professional Estate Agents or the Property Ombudsman regulates them. Throughout our Surrey-wide network, Seymours is regulated by all three.

5.   See the signs

Sold boards are a good indicator of an estate agent’s popularity. The next time you’re driving about take a look for yourselves. The more you see of one particular agent will reflect how successful – and therefore how good – they are.

Seymours’ Ian Marlow comments: “The property marketing landscape is continually evolving. Any estate agent worth its salt will have evolved with it and be looking for ways in which to innovate and establish new ways of taking their clients’ properties to market. There are countless agents operating throughout Surrey and arguably the most important thing is that the client trusts their ability to deliver. By considering these five points those looking to sell or let their home will have a better understanding of what they need to establish before signing any binding agreement.”