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5 Reasons To Move Home This Year

5 Reasons To Move Home This Year

 As the new year gets underway, attitudes to the property market are on the up, so now is the time to move! Here are our top reasons for choosing 2018 as the year to find your new home.


1. A fresh start, a new lease of life


You’ve started with a new gym routine and have the healthy eating plan in place, so now it’s time to focus on your other goals for the year – a fresh start in a new home being one of them! On the flip side, if you’re struggling to get motivated to achieve your goals, particularly if they are financially led, moving to a new home could give you the kickstart you need.


2. More (or less) room


There are benefits to having a bigger home (more space to store the clutter and grow a family) just as there are up-sides to moving to a smaller place (a chance to declutter and less space to have to clean and maintain)! Either way, a move is always a great chance to take another look at all the ‘stuff’ you own and get it sorted.


3. A new layout


Perhaps you live in a flat and are fed up of lateral living or live in a house and dream of not having to negotiate the stairs everyday. Or it might just be that you want an excuse to mix up your interior design or buy that longed-for piece of statement furniture. A new home can inspire creativity worthy of an interior magazine.


4. Good investment

Buying a property is a sound investment and for those not on the ladder yet, last year’s Budget announcement gave first-time buyers a stamp duty tax break on properties up to the value of £300k. This makes it clear that now is the perfect time to take that leap!


5. New neighbours, a better environment


Moving to a new neighbourhood not only gives you a chance to meet new people but may also allow you to live in an environment that better suits your needs, whether that be by moving closer to a particular school or doctors’ surgery, or further away from the hustle and bustle, for a quieter life. If you want to be in a new home before the start of the new academic year in September, you’ll need to act now!


At Seymours, we are always happy visit your home to provide you with a current market appraisal and give information on what is happening in the local property market. To get in touch, contact us here or visit your local branch.