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As the temperature plummets and sets to do so over the next few weeks, we’ve got some top tips to keep your home nice and snug this winter.

1. Tin foil behind your radiators

Use heat reflective aluminium foil behind your radiators to prevent heat loss, especially those on external walls. You can purchase foil specially designed for this purpose for under a tenner.

2. Service your boiler

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it might be time for a newer, more efficient one. You could save money and use much less energy to produce the same amount of heat.

3. Seal your windows and doors

You’d be surprised as to how much of a draught can sneak in through gaps around your windows and doors. Save on your heating bills and invest in a draught excluder or insulating tape.

4. Bleed your radiators

Pockets of air can get trapped inside your radiator. This means that hot water will be circulated less effectively, therefore less heat is emitted. Bleeding your radiator will get rid of the air pockets, improve its efficiency and save you money on your heating bills.

5. Close your curtains

Your curtains act a layer of insulation, so be sure to close them when it gets dark. However, remember to let the sunlight in during the day, as the sun is a free form of heat.

6. Cosy up with blankets and rugs

Putting down a rug or adding blankets to your sofas can not only make the room look cosier but will keep you warmer, especially as bare floorboards can cause some heat loss.

7. Double glazing

Think of this one as an investment. Although expensive, double glazing your windows is an incredibly effective way of insulating your home. Alternatively, you can purchase a special plastic film that sticks over single glazed windows for a much cheaper, but still effective, option.

8. Protect your pipes

Protecting your pipes will prevent them from freezing and can save you a lot of money and stress. Make sure to cover any pipes that run through unheated areas of your home with affordable foam insulators.

9. Prevent heat loss from your chimneys

A lot of heat can be lost through chimneys. If yours is not used regularly, invest in a chimney balloon which inflates to shut out any incoming air or escaping heat. Just remember to remove this if you plan on lighting a fire!

10. Loft insulation

A significant amount of heat can be lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. DIY loft insulation is possible with affordable rolls of foam insulation, but make sure to use protective gear if you are doing it yourself.

Using these tips will help you to keep toasty this winter and make some great savings on your heating and energy bills. At Seymours, our friendly team of property professionals are on hand to help you with any property requirements. Contact us or visit one of our local branches to discuss your property needs today.