Ben Conquer Director

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I've been an estate agent for….
I started my estate agency career here at Seymours in Ripley in March of 2003.

Family status?
I’ve been married since April 2011 to my life-long love Sarah. We have 2 cats – Max and Lexy and our first child on the way.

What inspires you?
To be honest, the success stories of other people and the amazing things we can achieve.

Stones or the Beatles?

Favourite song?
‘Inside’ by Stiltskin – most people will know it from that old Levi Jeans advert in the 1990s

Favourite film?
Almost too difficult to choose, Inception was a superb and clever movie but I love the Star Wars Saga.

Meal you most like to eat?
Sunday Roast or tender BBQ ribs with fries and coleslaw

Food you most like to cook?
Again, roast dinners – the whole deal – even my mother-in-law prefers my roast potatoes to her own!

Guilty pleasure?
Great British Bake-Off – I absolutely love it.

Phrase you most overuse?
There are so many, perhaps ‘to be honest’.

Favourite smell?
If I’m in a sweet mood - freshly made popcorn, if not then Rosemary from the garden.

Outside interests?
I’m really trying at golf but am finding it very slow progress, that and snowboarding.

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Ben Conquer Director

Ben has been at the Ripley office since 2003, has superb knowledge of the local area and has always worked diligently to keep the process of buying and selling as stress-free as possible. This is achieved by a high level of communication drawn from knowledge of his teams experience and professionalism, coupled with tenacity for getting his clients the best deal possible.

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Joe Leonard Director

Joe was born and raised in Guildford and schooled locally at St Peters in Merrow. Starting at Seymours in 2010 he worked his way up to branch manager at the extremely successful Guildford office before becoming a director at Ripley in May 2017. Joe is passionate about property and giving that personal touch that Seymours prides itself upon. In his spare time Joe enjoys football (playing 6 a side and supporting Liverpool), live music and is currently working on his golf game (rather unsuccessfully).

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